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First of all congratulations to you for getting through the first step of towards your registration with the General Dental Council by passing part 1 of ORE/LDS. Part 2 exams are quite demanding financially and needs more appropriate training to minimise your expenses and attempts. All our tutors have gone through the same path and can understand very well how important it is to save your time and minimise your expenses. We do not blindly go same for all candidates. Every one might have got a good dental training and experience from your dental schools. However you might need to adopt your skills to meet the requirements of the UKs evidence based dentistry. Everyone has got specific needs in meeting these requirements and accordingly the skills are to be modified. Our qualified tutors assess your skills and identify the areas where you need improvement. This saves a lot of your time and minimise your expenses.

We focus much on the minute aspects of communication skills, manikin skills which reflects how safe you treat patients once you are registered with the GDC. We offer various modes of training to suit your needs at your convenience. We listen and discuss with you thoroughly before we begin our sessions. Unlike the first part where only where your knowledge is tested, in second part both your knowledge as well as skills are tested. The Part 2 examination is designed in such a way to make sure overseas dentists are component to deal with the patients in a safest way possible complying with the evidence based dentistry.

Manikin Session
DTP Session
About Instructor
ORE/LDS 2 Comprehensive Course
6 manikin sessions (one-one) + 3 days DTPS + skilled OSCES + ME + MOCK
£1850 only

    Highlights of the offer

  • Enrolling only 4 candidates per diet
  • Skilled OSCES AND ME could be attended as many times as possible on the days the course held till part 2 first attempt
  • All materials provided
  • All for £1850 (works out less than £100/day)
Special offer ORE/LDS2
3 Manikin Sessions + 2 DTP Days+ Skilled OSCE day + 1 Medical Emergency 1 FREE MOCK
£1100 only

    Highlights of the offer

  • DTP, Skilled OSCE and Medical Emergency sessions are held in our training centre
  • Flexibility of you accommodating yourself in any sessions held dates
  • PLACES LIMITED TO 7 in any of these DTP, Skilled OSCE and ME days
  • Very comprehensive and individual focussed
  • Unsupervised skilled OSCES practice Is permitted for more confidence