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Few thoughts about Profession Focus

I'am doing dental course through Profession Focus. I don't have any previous experience in this field. I really enjoy my studies at PFocus. It helps me to work in dental surgery very confidently. The classes in this institution are very good. The tutors are helpful and responsible. If I feel any difficulties I can go and ask them.

Courses Start Date
Diploma in Dental Nursing 03/02/2018
Certificate in Oral Health Education 20/01/2018
Certificate in Orthodontic Nursing 27/02/2018
Certificate in Impression Taking 16/09/2017
Fluoride Application 23/09/2017
Dental receptionist course 30/09/2017
Courses Start Date
Diploma in Dental Nursing 04/02/2018
Courses Start Date
Diploma in Dental Nursing 07/04/2018
Courses Start Date
Diploma in Dental Nursing 07/04/2018

Profession Focus

Exclusive for new enrolments

Job vacancies for trainees available in Cranford. Watford, Edmonton, Sheperds Bush, Twickenham. Hurry up!!!

Moodle on Mobile

Pfocus students can now enjoy accessing the learning resources and practise assessments on the move


Next ORAL Health Education batch starts on 15th May 2016, Dental Nursing new batch starts on 14th May 2016. Click Here to Enroll.

Simulation Unit

Simulation Unit has been installed at Profession Focus More

Virtual Learning

Students can now access virtual learning resources More

Useful links / Resources

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Job vacancies exclusive for our students

Below are the vacancies for trainee Dental Nurses to start immediately. Enroll Now . For more information contact us.


Allington Basildon Churchill Clevendon Diplomat
East Grinstead Heathfield Hastings Lowe2 Willianms Manor
Norwood Notts Whitehouse Selhurst Styning Sussex
Vicarage Walworth Well Street Wellsbourne ......